Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Mobile Website?
Most websites look fine on a desktop computer and laptop. The same site on a phone can be a frustrating experience most desktop websites were not designed to be viewed on the small screens of mobile devices. Fonts can be too small, images are too large, navigation can be clunky, flash simply won’t work, lengthy page load, and the list goes on and on.

A mobile website is a website that is made to be compatible and easily accessed on a mobile/tablet phone.

Why Mobile Website?
A hand without mobile is rare to find, and so is the mobile without internet. The world of internet is witnessing transition, which has necessitated people to use internet on mobile phones. Hence, to keep pace with this transitional phase, your company needs a mobile website. However, there are certain other factors, which make it necessary for you to own a mobile website: -

  • Increasing use of Mobile InternetIncreasing use of Mobile Internet
  • Increasing use of Mobile InternetComparative cost advantage
  • Increasing use of Mobile InternetFaster web access anywhere and anytime
  • Increasing use of Mobile InternetEffective promotion
Mobile Website can do?

  • Connect with mobile customers
  • Convert leads
  • Drive traffic & improve your search rankings

Features of our Mobile website

About us - One click & customers know about you
Opening hours - Tell customers when you are open for business
Products Highlight your products
Services Highlight your services
Photos Showcase your photos
Your News Share your news
Blog Share your blog
Full Website Link to your full website
Other content - Create one click icons to highlight other content
Call us - One click for your customers to call you
Find us Google map & directions
Call me back Call your customers back
Reservations Let your customers request a reservation
Leave a message - Customers can leave a message requesting information
Information updates - Your customers opt-in to receive regular updates
Coupons Your special offers
Tell-a -friend - Your customers can SMS a friend about you
Social networking - Let your customers connect with you on Twitter, Fb, & LinkedIn
Search engine optimization - Be found & drive traffic
Traffic stats - Know where your customers are going on your site
Add 3rd party advertising - Create new revenue from your site